Dear My Hero..

Mbah kakung..



When I close my eyes, I think of you

And now I know your up there in the sky

That’s why its so blue

But you should know that if I cry

Its because I love you


We all know that you are gone

But really your just being born

Because from here to thereon

You are being recreated in heaven

I promise they will take good care of you and

I will have it be known of what I’ve sworn

Because I love you


The angels will take care of you

But you will take care of him, her, and me

As you watch our daily lives and help us through

That’s just how it will be

And we will always be thinking about you

Because we love you


You’re not just a memory

You’re a spirit inside all of us

So vibrantly alive

And you will continue to thrive

Until we meet again in that place that seems so distant

But I know its existent

Because God loves us


You fought your fight

You won your battles

But this time God has other plans to make it all right

So just follow that bright light

And it will all be okay because

You are just saving us a seat

Because you love us


Your Granddaughter,

Nur Izzati

24 Des 1924 – 18 Feb 2011



~ by atoi on February 22, 2011.

2 Responses to “Dear My Hero..”

  1. Waduh, sekalinya ngeblog lagi malah berita duka cita 😦
    I guess I can feel your loss, and yes I also believe you’re strong enough 🙂
    Semoga amal ibadahnya diterima Allah SWT. Amin.

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